Craft Lightning: Pottery Barn Inspired Bronze Owls

Pottery Barn Inspired Bronze Owls (Mad in Crafts)


I have been itching to get my fall decorations up for a few weeks now.  We had to take everything down from our walls and shelves in preparation for the roofers to begin banging around, so it was a perfect opportunity to start from a blank slate.  I often look to the Pottery Barn catalog for autumn decorating inspiration, and this year I found a few new ideas.

Today I am participating in the Craft Lightning series hosted by Angie at The Country Chic Cottage and Cara from Moore Craft Time.  Be sure to click over to see round-ups of other quick and easy craft projects.


via Pottery Barn

These cuties are from Pottery Barn’s new fall line.  I never really jumped on the owl trend when it was super huge a few year back, but I like the rustic look of these owls (and the startled “What-was-that-noise?” look on their faces).  However, $39.50 for three useless owl tchotchkes wasn’t in the cards.

dollar store owls

When I saw these startled hooters (oh dear) at Dollar Tree, I realized I could make them into something similar to the Pottery Barn owls.  At just a buck each, it was worth a shot.

orb owls

The owls were adorable painted in Halloween colors, but I wanted to make them blend in with our other fall decorations.  One coat of Krylon’s Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint was all it took to replicate the PB owls’ rustic finish.

oil rubbed bronze owl

The paint was still drying in this shot, which accounts for some of the reflective shine.  Now that they have dried, they are more metallic matte.  Is that a thing?

Pottery Barn Inspired Bronze Owls

My new owls will be perched among my other fall décor.  Check out this round-up of my previous DIY Fall Décor.  Have you started your fall decorating or do you wait until it is actually Fall?

Jessica Hill

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