50+ NON-CANDY Easter Basket Gift Ideas (with tutorials)

50  Non Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas

This week I have shared four easy Easter basket gifts that can help you limit the amount of sugary treats you give your children.  There are plenty of fun Easter gifts your kids will love to see in their baskets on Easter morning, and many of them can be made at home!  I have gathered together 50+ ideas for inexpensive Easter gifts your family will love.  Be sure to check out these posts from Dollar Store Mom and I Love to Create for even more ideas!  Click on the links to be taken to the tutorials for the DIY projects; the items with asterisks are available at dollar stores or the dollar spots at Target or Michaels!

  1. Books
  2. Craft Sticks Puzzle
  3. Card Game*100_6332
  4. Homemade Crayons (seen above)
  5. Silk Screened Tees
  6. Unpainted Birdhouse *
  7. Matchbox Cars*
  8. Marshmallow Shooter
  9. Fun Socks*
  10. Money
  11. Headbands
  12. Stickers DSC_0434
  13. Bouncy Balls (seen above)
  14. Baseball Cards*
  15. Yo-yo*
  16. Alphabet Magnets
  17. Flashcards*
  18. Homemade Matching Game
  19. Coloring Books* and Crayons
  20. Piggy Bank
  21. Homemade Apron
  22. Dry Erase Board and Markers*
  23. Handlebar Streamers for a Bike
  24. Flip Flops*
  25. Gardening Supplies
  26. Sunglasses*
  27. Homemade Pillow Toy
  28. Baby Taggie Blanket
  29. Checkerskidssewingkit4
  30. Kid’s Embroidery Kit (seen above)
  31. Temporary Tattoos* (to be worn AFTER Easter church 😛 )
  32. Bathtub Paint
  33. Kids Plates or Silverware
  34. Summer Hats
  35. Homemade Moon Sand
  36. Nail Polish*
  37. Craft Kits*
  38. Paper Plate Bunny Ears
  39. Stuffed Toys
  40. Play Dough
  41. Beach Toys*
  42. DIY Peg Toys
  43. Kite*3-2010-EasterFingerPuppets-3-res_JR_product_main
  44. Finger Puppets (seen above)
  45. Bubbles
  46. Cookie Cutters*
  47. Hair Clips
  48. Crazy Straw*
  49. Homemade Tutu
  50. Dinosaur Eggs
  51. Sidewalk Chalk*
  52. Healthy Snacks
  53. Bible Story Books*

What are your best non-candy Easter basket gift ideas?  Did I miss any good ones?


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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