5-Minute Front Door Tulip Bouquet

door bouquet square2


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Tulips are my faves.  They are streamlined and elegant, and they come in just as many lovely colors as roses.  That’s why it is such a bummer that silk tulips are always so heinous.


dollar store tulips


I almost never use silk tulips in my craft projects because I have yet to find a fake tulip that looks anything like a real one.


ugly stems


Unfortunately, these dollar store tulips are no exception.  Seriously, fake flower makers, look at these stems.  Have you ever seen a tulip before?


But I bit the bullet and used an array of fake tulips for this front door bouquet, and I think the arrangement and the clever (if I do say so myself) method of display is enough to counteract the less-than-realistic flowers.


I was looking for something at the dollar store that would allow me to hang silk flowers on my front door. I like a good wreath, but I wanted something different. Something more like a bouquet than a wreath or spray.


dollar store soap dish turned bouquet holder

I picked up and put down aluminum buckets, automotive funnels, poster board… and then I saw this soap dish.  Light bulbs went off.   Birds sang.  Inspiration hit.


back of soap dish


The two suction cups on the soap dish are perfect for hanging the soap/bouquet holder on my front door!


To make sure the bouquet doesn’t fall off every time the door opens, the suctions cups have to REALLY be stuck to the door.  However, the oval plate on the back of the soap dish is useless and makes it hard to get the cups to suction properly.  You can see that I cracked it attempting to stick it to my door.


remove back panel


Fortunately, the back comes off very easily leaving you with a bouquet holder that looks a little like it could star in a Pixar short.


suction soap holder to the door


Time to assemble your front door bouquet!


Step 1:  Suction the bouquet holder to the door.  Use a little spit if you have to.


NOTE: So far, the suction cups have been holding really well. I promise that if I find that they aren’t holding up like they should, I will post an update here to tell you.


arrange tulips in gradient color


Step 2:  Arrange the floral stems however you would like.  I created an ombre going from purple to yellow.


add a bow


Step 3:  Add a piece of rolled tape to the back of the bouquet holder and tie on a length of wired ribbon in a coordinating color.

Buh bye, ugly stems!


front door tulip bouquet


And just that quick, you are finished!  When you tire of one bouquet, you can easily swap the flowers out for new blooms. 


The suction cups work on a variety of surfaces, so you aren’t limited to putting a bouquet on your front door.  Add a posy to your bathroom mirror or put a bunch of flowers above your kitchen sink.


Definitely put some on the front door though.  It’s like your house is handing you a bouquet of flowers every time you come home.


door bouquet


Now if I could just get the storm door to give me a pageant sash and a tiara, we’d really be in business.

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