We Bought a House

jeremiah 29 11
Have you been wondering why there have been fewer and fewer Mad in Crafts home décor projects lately?  Why I seem to have completely abandoned my Bathroom HELP! idea?  Why there have been so many color palettes pinned to my Pinterest boards?  There’s a reason.
We bought a house.
Our first house.  That belongs to us.  Well, technically, it belongs to the bank for 30 years, but in theory it’s ours.

This is huge deal for me, in so many ways.  I have never been part of a home-owning family.  My parents’ homes have always been provided to them by the school or church my dad was serving.  Up to this point, I have only rented apartments and houses.

And now my husband and I are homeowners.
Five years ago, the idea of us owning a home would not have even crossed our minds.  You see, five years ago my husband and I were jobless, homeless, and I was pregnant.  Thankfully, God has blessed us with amazing friends and family who took us in, looked out for us, and kept us on our feet. 
In those five years since then,  God blessed my husband with better health and, eventually, with an opportunity to work for a company that values him and his hard work.  God blessed us with a healthy baby boy and, three years later, a healthy baby girl.

And now, He has blessed us with a home of our own.

I am the poster girl for not liking things to be out of my control.  And the last five years have been completely out of my control.  But they were always in God’s control.  When things were hard, He was in control and saw us through.  When things were good, He was in control and kept us close to Him.  There aren’t words for the comfort that brings this Type-A girl.
Things are going to change a little on Mad in Crafts in the coming months.  You can probably expect to see bigger, DIY projects mixed in with the home décor ideas and recipes.  Oh, and paint.  I’ve never been able to paint my home before.  So that is totally going to happen.
I promise that Mad in Crafts will still be the type of blog that it always has been, but I hope you will stick with me through this new adventure.  And that you will share your stories and tips with me along the way.  I’ve never done this before, you know.
Now, I have to go and let it all sink in.  It’s not completely real to me yet.
We bought a house.
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