Truncated Posts: The Results are In

Two weeks back, I asked you for your honest opinions on truncated posts in a sidebar poll.  The results were as mixed as I expected them to be, but I still got some great feedback.


For those who might not know, truncated posts are the abbreviated posts on a home page of a blog.  Usually there will be several older posts on the main page that only show the first few sentences of text.  The reader must then click on a link to be taken to the full story.  Dollar Store Crafts is an example of a site that uses truncated posting.  For a great article describing how to truncate (along a few facts in favor of truncating), click over to Crafterminds.




The three poll answer choices were:

A)I love being able to see multiple posts at a glance,

B) I don’t love having to click "Read More," but it doesn’t make me leave the website, and

C) I hate them.  Those blogs get deleted from my RSS feed pronto.


As you can see from the bar graph, most responders fell into the fence-sitting category, neither for nor against truncating.  Likewise, the pro-truncators only slightly outnumbered the anti-truncators.  Yes, I made those words up.


You also gave me some great feedback in the comments section:

Sarah Takens said…I prefer the ‘you may also like’ thumbnails rather than the shortening of blogs. My two cents! : )

Clarissa said…If you’re posting really frequently, I say truncating is great. But based on your posting schedule and the sizes of your posts, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Wendy said… I’ve voted in the poll, but I wanted to tell you that I HATE truncated posts and usually just leave a blog if I find them. My internet connection is slow and it just takes too much time.

Heather – said… I disagree w/Wendy because I think that truncated posts actually help with page loading times.

I actually love truncation because I like a clean look & feel to a website & I like being able to scan over the last several posts quickly to see what I want to read.

If you do truncate, you should always leave a photo in the front page section, though! And write a good lead paragraph (but you already do that).


Taking all your input into consideration, and after doing some more research, I have been working on a new blog design that will incorporate truncated blog posts.  I really hope that those of you who voted for option C in the poll don’t delete me from your blog roll, but I will understand if you do.


The new design (if I finish editing the HTML code without frying all my brain synapses) will have a much cleaner look, will be easier to navigate, and will simplify finding specific posts. 


I am still working on the design, so if you have any suggestions for great content that I should include or if there are any elements of the current blog you don’t think need to be carried over to the new design, please leave me a comment!

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  1. says

    I don't like them at all. I don't like getting a couple lines read only to have to switch pages. It feels like I'm being teased… like when you read the news paper and you get sucked into a story only to have to find the rest of it on page 4A. So you have to dig and dig through the pages to find the ending! Maybe it's silly but I just don't prefer the format in general.

  2. says

    I read blogs via Google reader and those with truncated posts, I unsub. I don't have time to click on them, then click on the post I want to read, then go back to the reader. There are plenty of blogs to choose from that fit my style of reading. So sorry to see you are moving in that direction, but we all choose the way that works best for us, don't we. :) I hope it works well for you. Just sorry I won't be reading along. ~~Rhonda

  3. Anonymous says

    Just thought I'd point out that you won't get many of these responses because you have already been deleted from the Google Reader. I was just deleted this blog for that very reason.C) I hate them. Those blogs get deleted from my RSS feed pronto.

  4. says

    Wow, haterz!!! :) Just because your blog layout is magazine style doesn't mean your RSS feed is truncated.Good job! I think your site looks good, and I think you'll get even more readers because of your new look. People who don't come along weren't meant to be readers.

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