Temporary “Frosted” Window

spray with faux snow square


I haven’t given up on my Bathroom Project, even though you have not heard any updates recently.  My Christmas projects have been occupying most of my time, but I am still frequently pondering what to do with that mess of a bathroom.


Your pins on the Bathroom HELP! Pinterest board have been a great source of inspiration.  Keep those ideas coming!  I hope to do some actual work on the bathroom in the new year.


jungle window treatment


In the meanwhile, I devised a temporary solution to the ugly window treatment issue.  If you remember, the bathroom has a window that lets in wonderful natural light, but because it is on the ground floor we can’t open the mini blinds without losing our privacy.


A frosted window would be ideal in the bathroom, but since we are renting we can’t make permanent changes like that.  Fortunately the dollar store helped me with a temporary solution… snow in a can!  I found the pressurized cans of faux snow in the aisle with Dollar Tree’s other seasonal decorations and snatched up two cans right away.


tape snowflake shape to window


I wanted to add a snowflake element to my “frosted” windows to tie them in with the rest of my Christmas décor.  I used masking tape to hold a foam snowflake in place in the corner of the window.


spray with faux snow


I sprayed the bottom half of the window liberally with the snow in a can and removed the foam snowflake.  The fake snow spray took a while to dry, so in the meantime I wiped the window frame down to remove the rogue snow.


faux snow frosted window


I really like the “frosted” results.  Not only does it allow the natural light into the room, but it adds a bit of design into that horrendous room.  After winter is over, the can says I can wash the faux snow off with soap and water, so no permanent harm done!


Do you have any great tips for redoing a room in a rental?  Share them on my Bathroom HELP! Pinterest board!

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