Stenciled Burlap Fall Table Scarf

burlap table scarf square


You might have noticed the seriously orange tablecloth that has been popping up in my photos lately.  Even though I have a craft room, I still end up doing most of my crafting at the kitchen table.  😛


Don’t get me wrong, I love my pumpkin orange tablecloth, but it needed a little something to break up all that color.  Something like a stenciled burlap table runner/scarf.


burlap runner materials


To make my stenciled table runner/scarf, I used my trusty Martha stencils, fabric paint, and an old Christmas decoration made of burlap.


martha stewart stencil


I took out the thread holding the burlap bag together, frayed the edges, and laid it out flat to begin stenciling.


mum stencil


I don’t think I am too crazy in thinking that this stencil looks a bit like a fall mum.  Am I?

Don’t answer.


fall mums burlap table runner


I stenciled on some “mums” in my fall color palette.  You can still see some of the dumb Christmas design peeking though the burlap, but not too badly.


stenciled fall mums burlap table scarf


The runner/scarf/whatever adds a nice rustic touch to the table and tones down the orange a bit.


I originally received the Martha Stewart stencils and paint as part of a paid campaign.  For a full disclosure, click HERE.

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