Stash-Busting Christmas Decorations

This is not a new idea by any means, but it is one that will help to use up those scraps of ribbon, fabric and wrapping paper you might have lying around your home.  This idea also helps “Christmas up” any rooms in your house that aren’t dripping with holiday cheer like they should be.
To make gift-wrapped pictures, you will need:
the photos, plaques, signs, etc. from off of your walls
wrapping paper
ribbons, scrap fabric, bows, floral stems, etc.
Take your pictures off the wall and try to memorize which picture goes where!  Choose some wrapping paper that either matches your decor or that you just think is plain cute.  If you don’t have any paper left from last year, the dollar store has an abundance of cute paper. 
Lay the picture face down onto the wrapping paper, taking note of the picture’s orientation if you are using patterned paper.  Cut the paper so it is roughly 1 inch wider than your frame, depending on how thick your frame is.  Remember, you only need to wrap the front and sides of the picture, so you don’t need that much paper.  Try your best to make sure the pattern of the paper is straight or else I will come to your house and spend hours obsessing over the crooked lines.  Fold the paper over the picture frame and tape in place.
Now, bust out all your fun holiday craft scraps and make that present purdy.

This can be a great way to tie together all the disparate elements of your Christmas decorations.  This year I have used lots of burlap, plaid, poinsettias, jingle bells, ornaments, and snowflakes.  Now they all make more sense since they all show up in these wrapped pictures.

What?  You don’t see any snowflakes, you say?  Oh, here they are in the kitchen.
Here’s the before and after:
Much more warm and cozy now.  What rooms in your house need a little sprucing up?
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