Space Room – Little Touches for a $1 or Less!

When I was searching the internets for ideas for my son’s space-themed room, I found tons of little junk I could buy for his room.  Rocket lamps, wall murals, ginormous storage units…  mostly very cool, but all WAAAAAY out of my price range.
I knew there were other inexpensive ways to decorate my son’s room.  It would just take some patience (you never know what’s going to show up at the dollar store when), imagination, and flexibility.  Not everything coordinates perfectly, but I kind of like it that way.  And, let’s not lose perspective here.  The kid’s not even two yet.  The room could be decorated in a harvest gold and olive floral print, and he might not even notice.
I really wanted to get some of these fabric bins with handles for his room, but everywhere I looked was trying to get me to pay $6 or more for one.  Um, no.  I was beginning to think I would have to give up the dream when I spotted these at the dollar store!!!  A buck a piece, and they came in super cute colors!  The bins make a really nice way to keep his smaller toys sorted, and help with the whole “out of sight, out of mind” method of cleaning I employ.  One of these days, I am going to make some tags or labels for them, just haven’t gotten to it yet.
This picture is a homage to the wonders of the dollar store.  The bin is another one from the dollar store; this one had little compartments which velcro to the inside to keep his toilletries organized.  The dresser scarf is actually a dollar store fleece baby blanket that has an adorable flying robot embroidered on it.  I was really excited when our dollar store started carrying wall decals, and these robots begged me to bring them home.  At $1 for all 6 of them, I could hardly say no.  That football-mushroom you see is my attempt to make an alien abduction lamp like the one at Dollar Store Crafts.  If you haven’t ever been to DSC’s page, go now!!!  So many great, frugal ideas!
More dollar store wall decals.  The whole mess of them was just a buck!
This is Thorp.  He is your alien friend.  I made Thorp out of an old t-shirt that didn’t fit me anymore.  I won’t go through the whole process of how I made him because if you want to make your own stuffed animal, there are way better tutorials out there than I could ever write.  Since I had all the materials on hand already, Thorp was technically free. 
I like free.  So does one sleepy baby.
Be sure to come back and check out my blog tomorrow.  I will show you my last post on my son’s room, a makeover of an old hand-me-down bedside table.
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