Small Summery Changes and a Question

I ran out to the Dollar Tree the other day (actually the other day, and then the next day… and the next) and Goodwil and bought a few things to “summer up” the house a little bit.

Remember how my candle holders, lantern, and pickling jar were decorated for Spring?

I switched out the Pottery Barn Easter decor for some new vase filler that I found at the DT.

I switched out the spanish moss and grapevine wreaths for some decorative stones that I thought looked like sea glass.  I had to dig through the bins at the dollar store to find the glass stones that came in white, cream, aqua and green rectangles, but they match my room really well.
Both the lantern and the pickling jar got the faux sea glass treatment.  The sand in the pickling jar is also from the Dollar Tree; it was their last container of decorative sand.  It might be a little bit yellow, but I still think it works.
I found this awesome bird cage candle holder at Goodwill for $1.99.  It was my only purchase that day (GW’s prices have gotten really high!), but it was worth the trip!
I didn’t have to do any treatment to the cage itself because it already had that cool aged patina to the metal.  All I did was put some black stones from the dollar store around candle, and it was good to go!
Now if this crazy May heat wave would subside, I could get to work on my flower beds outside.  Pretty soon the weeds are going to be taller than I am!
Now for the question…
So, what’s your guess? Boy or Girl?
Get your guesses in, because we find out tomorrow!!!
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  1. says

    GW can be flaky. T-shirts at one store are routinely $.99 — at another one they start at $2.99 for the exact same Wal-Mart reject. In all honesty, it pays to get to know your store and store personal well.A couple of our stores – while they may not admit it — hold back bundles of yarn for charity groups. I can only wonder what else they do????

  2. says

    I love the bird cage! I'm not sure what's up with GW, but the last time I went (I'm an hour away)the clothing prices were the same, but any household or home decor was astronomical! How about a used Dollar Tree glass candle holder for $1.50?!?!? or $10 on a glass (no name) vase? I've been seeing similar comments all over blogland!I'm just going to have to take a wild guess at your question…how about a boy? I have a 50/50 chance, right? lol

  3. says

    OMG, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! You have to see my post today, I just went on a rampage about their pricing, SOOOOOOOOOOO annoying!!!!!!!!!! Oh and guess…girl. I always guess girl, cuz I don't have one, and I want one! ;)

  4. says

    GW is too expensive here. They are selling store name men's dress shirts for $12.99. Crazy! Plus, they seem to stock more new overstock things than anything else. Also, they took out the craft section a long time ago. I usually shop at Kiwanis now.Love the birdcage! Nice conversation piece. Today's my son's (22) birthday so I am guessing a boy :)

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