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If you follow my Pinterest boards, you have seen me going crazy with my new Color Inspiration board.  I have been finding color palettes on sites like Décor Hacks and Design Seeds and then finding the coordinating paint colors using Sherwin Williams Chip It! tool.

chip it

Original image via Tumblr

All you have to do to use the tool is to plug the URL of any image (find the image’s URL by right clicking on it and choosing “Copy Image URL”) into the dialog box and hit enter!  The tool will automatically match the colors in the image to paint colors from Sherwin-Williams’ line.
Sherwin-Williams has no idea I am promoting their Chip It! tool.  I just thought it was such a fun site, I wanted to share it with you lovely readers.
If you find a Sherwin-Williams paint color you like, make sure you print off this 25% off coupon to save  some money.

25% OFF PAINTS & STAINS Sherwin Williams
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