Rar. I’m a Laundry Monster.

When I started decorating my son’s bedroom, I decided that I wanted to use an outer space theme, but keep it on a budget.  I searched all over online to find DIY crafts that fit the theme and was really disappointed in how few ideas I came across.
For the next few posts, I will share how I used dollar store items, materials I had on hand, and a little creativity to make a darn cute (if I do say so myself) space- themed toddler room!
To make a laundry monster, you will need:
dollar store mesh laundry bag
wire hanger
scrap felt
To make the Laundry Monster I began by unbending a wire hanger and threading  it through the top of a mesh laundry bag I bought at the dollar store.  I used some scraps of felt I hade lying around and handstitched on some eyes, spots, teeth, hands and feet.  Then I added two pipe cleaner antennae.
Bing, bang, boom!  You’re done!
My son loves his Laundry Monster. He roars at him whenever we go into his room and loves feeding LM his dirty clothes! Maybe if I made one for my husband HIS dirty clothes would find their way off of the bedroom floor….
Here is LM after binging on soiled, todder clothes. Soon he will purge his stomach contents into the washer. Poor bulimic Laundry Monster.
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  1. says

    such a great idea! I'm going to steal this for my laundry room. It's too small for a regular hamper. And I think the antenna really are the finishing touch.


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