Quick Dollar Store Plaque Fix

I found this stone plaque at the dollar store.  I think it is meant to be used as an accent stone in a flower bed, but I thought it would be a nice plaque to have in my living room.

I am not sure what those bright yellow sides are about though.  Are they warning paint so your neighbors don’t trip on your decorative stone and sue you?  Yeah, the yellow had to go.
Do you like my paint mixing tool.  Mmmm, appetizing.
I mixed up a little white and brown craft paint with some clear sealant to thin it out.  It ended up being sort of, well, Caucasian colored.

This is a good chance to show you how I store my craft paints.  Can you guess what the container is?

An empty, plastic coffee container!  Believe me, I generate a lot of these things.  It works perfectly because the paints fit inside snugly, it has a built-in handle, and I use the lid of the canister to mix my paints.  The paint rinses or peels right off the lid afterwards.
I  just used a paper towel to wipe on the paint I mixed.  I wanted it to be more like a wash than thick paint; just enough to cover up the yellow.  I got too much paint on my towel when I went over the word “God” and got paint down in the letters.  Grr. 
EDIT:  I tried Anonymous’ suggestion and filled in the letters with a Sharpie, and it worked like a charm.  Thanks!
Here’s a quick side-by-side before and after:
Since I put on such a thin layer of paint/sealer, it was dry as soon as I put it on.  Yay for not having to be patient!
This was a super fast and easy project, but it took the plaque from something I probably wouldn’t want sitting in my house to something I am proud to have sitting on my bookcase! 
P.S.  The little stone birdie and the stones in the vase are from the dollar store too!  Hooray for cheap!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Looks much better – to fix the lettering your could probably take a thin sharpie and go over them. noone will ever know =)

  2. says

    i love the way it turned out ~ i see these all the time at the dollar store and never buy them because of the colors BUT i love how they seem to take paint so well!!!
    thanks for sharing this idea!! i may have to borrow it if you don’t mind!!

  3. says

    You certainly improved the sign. It now looks like something you’d find at stores like Pottery Barn. BTW, great sense of humor in trying to discover the reason behind the yellow.

  4. says

    Nice! To antique the plaque, you can quickly paint a thickish layer of dark (brown? umber?) paint over the whole thing, including in the crevices, and then wipe it off. Some of the brown will stay in the crevices. You probably already knew that, though, huh? :)

  5. says

    I really really like the way it turned out. The yellow was just strange? I’ve seen these a million times and never actually thought of painting them. Hum….must go look at plaques. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. says

    How super chic this now looks, you did a great job rescueing it. I will be keeping my eye out for something like this now. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Cha Cha

  7. says

    OHM! I so need to try this! Why can’t I EVER think of these things? OH wait…it’s cuz I have 3 kids under the age of 4 and NEVER have time to myself!

  8. Anonymous says

    From: mommyof2tuties@gmail.com

    2 Cute!! I store my acrylic paints the same way. I also, have one for fabric paint, one for crayons, and one for markers. I use a chip can for pencils. I think it’s kinda fun being……frugal, poor just sounds pitiful. Take care and love your blog.

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