Project $2 Garage Sale Chair… Finally Complete!

Way back in April I introduced you to my $2 Garage Sale chair and asked for your help deciding exactly what I should do with it.  You gave me some great ideas, and I took them all into consideration.  Maybe that is part of the reason it took me so long to finally finish the thing!  😛
After searching around various fabric stores, I came upon some pretty ocean-y blue print fabric that I used to re-cover the seat.  For my first time re-covering furniture, it looked pretty good.  And it stayed looking “pretty good” for another month or so.
Finally, I got my heiney in gear and picked out some paint for the chair frame.  Wal-Mart was having a sale on their Krylon spray paint, so I picked up a can of Pebble satin finish.
Following tips I found online, I removed the seat, sanded the whole piece, and wiped off the left-over grit with a soft cloth.  Since I had sanded and wasn’t going to do a bright paint color, I skipped priming the wood and got to work with the can of spray paint.
I probably could have used another can of paint to get really satisfactory coverage, but all-in-all one can (several coats) did an okay job.  I roughed up the edges with some sandpaper – look at me, distressing furniture! – and sprayed the whole chair with a coat of sealant.

Then all I had to do was re-attach the seat to the chair and find a spot for it in my living room!

And here is the whole metamorphosis of the chair.
I paid two bucks for the chair, a buck or two for the fabric, and $2.67 for the spray paint for a grand total of roughly $6 for the whole shebang!  Not bad at all!

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  1. says

    I think another FUN thing to do to this chair is to mod podge the same or a co-ordinating fabric on the back flat piece of the chair OR OHOHOHHH you should mono your inital on the back in a paint that matches the fabric YES you should do that!

  2. says

    @ Thrifter – I had thought about doing that exact thing, but I am scared of painting it freehand! Maybe I will find a stencil somewhere.

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