Pirate Message in Bottle Card — Invitation or Valentine

Message in a Bottle Cards (invitations or valentines)

If you are looking for unique Valentine’s cards or fun pirate-themed party invitations, these miniature message in a bottle cards will do the trick.  Even novice card makers (which I COMPLETELY am) can make these, trust me.  If you have older children, they could probably even make these themselves!  The secret ingredient are the teensy stoppered vials which you can find… at Dollar Tree!

dollar tree nail decorations

Dollar Tree sells 8 packs of nail decorations in store.  For a dollar, you get 8 colors of glitter (or microbeads) and 8 tiny vials.  So cute!  Yesterday, I showed you how to turn the bottles into necklace charms, today I will show you how to turn those same charms into great message in a bottle cards!

card materials

To make Message in a Bottle Cards, you will also need:

cardstock and paper

PSA Essentials’ Anchor’s Aweigh stamps and ink

pirate embellishments

adhesive dots


precision tweezers

circle cutter

stamp the card background

1. Stamp a repeated pattern onto the cardstock using the PSA stamps.

add main message

2.  Write the main message of the card on a small piece of paper (not cardstock).  Attach it to the cardstock with adhesive dots.  To give it some dimension, try bowing the paper as you attach it.

add pirate embellishment

3.  Add a cute, dollar store, pirate embellishment.

make a wave pocket

4.  Cut a few strips of light and medium blue paper using scalloped scissors.  Attach them to the cardstock with glue dots, again bowing the paper to make “waves.”

make a hidden message

5.  Write a short note on a small strip of paper.  Make sure the paper’s width is not taller than the tiny dollar store bottle.

roll up message

6.  Using precision tweezers, carefully roll up the strip.  If you don’t have precision tweezers, you can use a few thin cylinder like a knitting needle or stirring straw.

slip message into the bottle

7.  Slip the tiny message into the tiny bottle and cork it up.

miniature message in a bottle

8.  Tie a short length of twine onto the stopper.

add bottle to the wave pocket

9.  Slip the miniature message in a bottle into the waves.

add final touches

10.  Add a final stamped embellishment.

Message in a Bottle Cards

Kids will love getting these great, interactive cards, whether in their Valentine’s mailbox or as a party invite.  Let your own kids get involved in the card making process for even more fun!

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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