Phone Charging Station

In an education class in college, I found out that I am an Abstract Random thinker.  I like to use this as an excuse for being slightly scatterbrained.  To cope with my absent-minded professoritis, I have to put items I use daily away in the same place every time or I totally lose them.
The hubster and I kept our phones in the same place all the time, but the cords would get tangled or the baby would pull on them and knock the phones onto the floor.  It wasn’t working.  Enter the need for a cell phone charging dock.  Unfortunately the ones I liked were all $20 and up.  Champagne taste on a beer budget and all that.
I was shopping at Office Depot for binder clips for my class reunion centerpieces and wandered over to the clearance section.  I found this desk organizer on clearance for $8 (which is more than I usually pay for things I don’t really need, but it turned out to be well worth it).
I guess it was just meant for pens and pencils or whatever, but I saw two nice places for our cell phones to sleep at night.   When I got home, I busted out the power tools.  I used a big, fat drill bit to drill two holes in the back of the organizer, one in each pencil cup.
Not very pretty, but nobody will see the back of the charging station anyway (‘cept for all of you, I guess).  I threaded the cords for each phone through the holes, wrapped up the extra wire with a twisty tie, and shoved it down at the bottom of each cup.  Not sure what to put in the teeny, tiny drawer though.  Miniature golf course pencils?  Tic Tacs?  Very small rocks?
Now, we can keep our phones charged and the wires tidy, and I have one less thing to lose each morning.
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