Nature’s Sleep Pillow Review and Slippers Giveaway

Nature's Sleep Giveaway

I am a multiple pillow gal.  The only time when I have been satisfied sleeping with just one pillow was when I was in Europe because they have great big giant pillows.  Have you ever used a European pillow?  They are far superior to what we normally use.  And not just superior in concept, like the metric system, but actually, practically better.

Anywho, I like lots of pillows when I sleep.  I think my record was three regular pillows, a body pillow, and a knee pillow but I was pregnant so that shouldn’t really count.  A pregnant lady is entitled to as many pillows as she darn well chooses. 

When I was given the opportunity to review a Nature’s Sleep pillow, I was very excited.  I love our memory foam mattress pad, so I was interested to see if a Vitex Memory Foam Pillow would be just as comfy.  I was hoping it would help with all the tossing and turning I do at night.


When the box came, I immediately ripped it open and pulled the pillow out.  It was a good size, a bit longer than my cheapo Walmart pillows that I had been using, and HEAVY.  Like this is the pillow you want to bring with you to a serious, no-holds-barred pillow fight because you would dominate.

Now, after having slept using the pillow for about a month now, I can say that it is a really good pillow. I was worried that the foam would retain heat and make my head sweaty during the night, but I haven’t found that to be the case at all. 

The pillow supports my neck very well without having to bunch or fold it.  I came up with a mental picture to describe the support of the memory foam:  A normal pillow is like laying a book on a bookshelf.  The shelf is just kind of there; the book is just kind of there.  There’s no real interaction.  The Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam pillow is like setting a book on an old-fashioned kitchen scale.  The scale gives in response to the weight of the book, but still supports and lifts up the book at the same time.  Does that image make sense?  It’s a very nice feeling.

The one negative I found with the pillow was that there was a distinct plastic-y smell for the first week I had the pillow.  I don’t know if it came from the foam itself or the packaging in which it was shipped, but it faded after about a week.  It should be noted that I have a super smeller too, so I notice smells that most people wouldn’t.

Nature’s Sleep doesn’t only make pillows.  They also make mattresses, bed toppers, pet beds, even slippers!  Nature’s Sleep will award one winner who has entered the giveaway below a pair of their Memory Foam Slippers.  Just follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter Widget.

If you are interested in other Nature’s Sleep products, they are also offering my readers a 50% off code.  The code doesn’t expire AND it is for your entire website purchase!  That’s a great deal!  Just enter BEARS50 at checkout.

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