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progress blue


For those of you who know me in real life, this revelation might not come as much of a shock.  If I can’t do something completely and well right away, I get frustrated and stop trying.  Sometimes I am so determined to get a project done just how I want it that I set limitations on myself to motivate me: no dinner till it’s right or no sleep till it’s done.


I have a feeling these quirks account for my failed attempts at several crafting mediums (crochet, needlepoint, stamping, scrapbooking, etc.) and the fact that several complicated projects I have wanted to try have never even been started.


This year I am going to try to embrace the baby step, which is why I chose the word PROGRESS as my 2012 Word of the Year.  Isn’t it just like an English teacher to chose a word that serves as both a noun and a verb to do an end run around the one-word rule?


This year I will strive to progress in my skills sets and make progress on my to-do list.  Here are some of the places I want to make progress this year:


progress teal


I want to turn “I don’t know how to sew” into “I can sew straight lines.”


progress green


“My closets are unholy messes” will become “I can find what I really need without serious head injury.”


progress yellow


I want to replace “I have done NO decorating in the master bedroom” with “I hung something on the wall in master bedroom today.”


progress orange


“I have never had my work published” can change to “I will research publishing contacts.”


Progress pink


“The manual settings on my camera terrify me” should become “Now I know what that P stands for.”


progress fushia


Some of this progress might lead to more progress and some of it might stall out immediately.  Sometimes making progress will mean settling for not-quite-right or only halfway finished.  And that will be hard for me.


But I don’t want to let not being able to get it exactly right keep me from not being able to get it started.


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