Mexican Paper Flowers

Tonight I am hosting a “Margarita Kay” party at my house.  My friend has just started selling Mary Kay, so I volunteered to have a few friends over for a party.  It also gives me an excuse to make food and margaritas.  YAY!
The snacks are all going to be quazi-Mexican, so I wanted some easy decorations to go along with the “theme.”  I did some Googling and came across the idea to make tissue paper flowers.  I have never made them before, but they are SOOOO easy to do I might have to come up with more excuses to make them.
To make Mexican Paper Flowers, you will need:
dollar store tissue paper in bright colors
pipe cleaners or floral wire
STEP ONE:  Cut your tissue paper into 10 inch wide strips (smaller if you want smaller blossoms) and stack 5 or 6 pieces on top of each other.
STEP TWO:  Fold the paper back and forth like an accordian.
STEP THREE:  Cinch the tissue paper in the middle and wrap your wire around it.  Yep.  That is the wire I saved from my class reunion centerpieces.
STEP FOUR:  Use your scissors to round off the ends of the tissue paper.
STEP FIVE:  Carefully fan out the two ends of the paper and fluff each sheet.  Be gentle! Tissue paper is fragile, duh!
Pretty, right?  The flowers are REALLY big so I am not sure what I am going to use as a vase yet.  I wanted to use this really pretty glass pitcher I have but never use. 
Come back tomorrow for pictures of the party and the recipes for all the yummy food and for my famous margaritas (4 ingredients)!  See you then.  I gotta get cleaning!
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    I remember making flowers out of Kleenexes using this exact technique. I can't beleive I have never thought to do it with tissue paper. I have to make a diaper cake for a shower this weekend & this will be a lovely addition to the top of the cake. Thanks!!

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