Jewelry Doohickie

I was so sick of untangling necklaces.  I generally have about 3 1/2 minutes to get ready to leave the house on any given day.  Any longer than that and my son would be wreaking havoc on the house.  I had seen lots of cute jewelry or hair clip frames around the internet and figured I could make one too.  In fact the craft queen herself featured a Jewelry Portrait as one of her organizing tips of the day last week.
To make a jewelry doohickie, you will need:
a picture frame
spray paint (if necessary)
fabric scrap or scrapbook paper
coordinating ribbon
I gave my picture frame a quick blast of Espresso spray paint so that it would match with the other decor in our bedroom.  I found a scrap of blue linen fabric in my stash, and the ribbon I used to embellish a bedside table lamp.  I laid the frame face down and put the other pieces down in the following order:  ribbon, glass, fabric, frame backing.  Once the frame backing is in securely, pull the fabric and the ribbon taut.  You can either glue the fabric and ribbon in place or just tie the ribbon off.  I chose not to glue the fabric so that I can change it out if the spirit moves me.
Then all I had to do was hang the necklaces from the ribbon.  Some necklaces needed to be looped a few times because they were so long.  I didn’t put my actual jewelry on the doohickie.  Any pieces that have any actual value to them always stay in their original jeweler’s boxes.  They stay there a lot actually, because I am always too nervous that I will lose them to risk wearing them.  I need to stop that.
I have found that I wear these necklaces more often now that I don’t have to worry about untangling them everytime I get one out.  I also discovered a few necklaces that I forgot I had since they were all scattered to the four corners of the Earth.  Now I need a scarf doohickie because I have created quite the collection, and I can never find the one I am looking for.  Any suggestions?
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