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Have you noticed a few cosmetic changes around the blog?  I decided it was time for Mad in Crafts to have an actual logo, not just a blog design.  The image you see above is the new pictorial symbol for Mad in Crafts.


After brainstorming with lots of smart people (thanks again, ladies!) and creating several drafts, this is the design I came up with.  I wanted it to reflect the goals of the blog in a glance.  I hope I achieved that.




The new tagline for Mad in Crafts is: Everything old can be new again.  My new blog mission is to teach readers how to combine classic style with modern trends in decorating, DIY, cooking, writing, and more. 


I tried to bring that idea out in the diagonal pairing of the silhouettes.  Quills and spray paint are both means of creating decorative communication; quills being the old and spray paint the new, obviously.  A hammer is about the oldest tool used to DIY, and a glue gun is much newer. 


Obviously I use spray paint, a hammer, and my glue gun in many projects here on MiC, but why the quill and ink?  If you remember my old header, there was no tagline.  Instead there was the quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet that was the inspiration for my blog title:

I essentially am not in madness But mad in craft….

Hamlet, III, iv

The quill is a subtle hint to the beginnings of the blog, even though the Hamlet quote is gone.


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There are new buttons available on the buttons tab, if you would like to update the links on your blog.  If you have been featured in a Mad Skills weekly newsletter, PLEASE grab a brag button for your featured section.  You earned it!


My hope is that the new design makes Mad in Crafts a little more recognizable.  I am hoping to do some more promotion of my blog and my projects, including adding a Media Kit to my toolbar.  As I reach out to brands and publishers, I promise not to lose the focus of the blog:  sharing simple, inexpensive DIY projects – mine AND yours!


I created the logo and other images using free GIMP software and Picnik.  I use Photobucket for my image hosting, and free Scribus software and KeepandShare.com to create and share my media kit.  If you have any questions on how I did any of it, I would be glad to share (although I probably shouldn’t include the email addresses of all the people I bugged as I went through the process Smile).

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