Hanging Calendar with Dry Erase Board

I totally missed the boat on 2010 calendars at the stores.  Usually I wait until after January 1st and then run to the mall to get one for 50%, but this year I flaked.  By the time I got around to looking for one, all that was left were 12 Months of Fungus and a pictorial review of the Dewey Decimal system.  Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but there weren’t any calendars I wanted to spend money on.
I got a promotional calendar in the mail and, although I didn’t dig the picture half of the calendar, it would have been a waste to just trash the whole thing.  This is the solution I found.
I originally saw an idea like this on Martha Stewart’s massive website.  Hers was much more refined, muted, and expensive to make.  I had all the crap for mine on hand, but you can also find the bits and bobs at the dollar store if you need.
To make a Hanging Calendar with a Dry Erase Board, you will need:
a calendar or calendar page printouts 
8.5 x 11 photo frame
acrylic or spray paint
hole punch
scrapbook paper
glue stick
picture hooks
dry erase markers
I found an unused photo frame in a box in our basement.  Just for giggles, let’s take a closer look at the picture that was in it.
Awwww!  That’s hubbers and me half a decade ago. We were just dating, but his parents took me along on their family vacation to Florida.  Look how skinny and tan I am!  And look how skinny and horribly sunburnt he is!
Diddley doo diddly doo diddly doo.  Flashback over.  Back to present day.
Remove the glass from the frame and coat it with about a gazillion coats of acryllic paint.  Wish it was spring so you could actually go outside and use spray paint and save yourself all this hassle.
During one of the gazillion breaks to let the paint dry, trace the outline of the photo frame glass onto some scrapbook paper.  Cut the paper on the lines.
During yet another paint drying break, make a cute cocoa mug embellishment. 
Glue it to the scrapbook paper.  Check to see if the paint is dry.
Yay!  It’s dry!  Screw two picture hooks into the bottom of the frame.  I don’t have a tip to make this any easier.  Keep working at it, once you get the thread started, the rest is easy.
Center your calendar under the frame, and mark where the holes for the hooks will go.  Use a paper puncher to make the holes.  Realize that your ancient hole punch will never go through the entire calendar.  Take the calendar apart and punch each page individually.  Make a mental note to ask for new hole punch for your birthday.
Put the photo frame back together: glass, scrapbook paper, cardboard backing.
You can hang the frame using nails, but since I was putting this on a door, I used two of these handy 3M Command Strips.
Hang the frame first, trying to keep it straight.  Don’t be deceived.  I didn’t hang it quite this crooked.
Hang the calendar pages from the picture hooks.
Here’s the fun part.  Since the frame has glass in it, you can also use it as a dry erase board.  You can go the boring route like I did, just writing the month on the glass (which can then be wiped off and replaced with the new month when needed), but there are so many other options too.
You can use the top part of the calendar for notes or you could put a checklist under the glass and use the dry erase markers to check the items off.  Or you could go really nuts and put a photo in the frame and use the markers to draw mustaches, eye patches and missing teeth all over your family.
 Use a different idea each month; just take the frame down and switch out the paper.  You’re only limited by your imagination.  Well, and time and space.  Those buggers are always getting in my way.
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  1. Anonymous says

    This is a great idea but practical for myself. I love getting my calendars from Target’s $1 section. The spaces are large enough to write in and no non-sense. I’ve also picked up calendars from print shop lobbies, they’re FREE! Again no non-sense and large areas to write in.

  2. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for the great idea. I was searching the net for one of those wood holders for a calendar and they're about $40.00 and lack personality. I love this idea. I am not a naturally crafty person, but this I can do!! Thanks again. Off to find some cute paper and pictures…….

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