Galactically Easy Space Decor

This one hardly even counts as a tutorial. I wanted a big framed picture for one of the large walls in my son’s bedroom. It needed to fit the two criteria for the room: outer space related and CHEAP!
I happened across these space flashcards while browsing the dollar spot at Target.  I was soooooo excited!  Beautiful, educational, and only a buck.  That’s my kind of decor.
When I got home, I brought an old poster frame up from the basement and mounted the cards immediately.  I just used scotch tape to mount the cards, in case one day my son asks me, “Mommy, what is Ursa Major?”  Uhmmmm…
Eventually, I also added some glow-in-the-dark planet stickers I found in a box of my husband’s stuff from when he was a kid.  Serendipity!
Instead of paying $15 for a poster of one image, I got pictures of 35 beautiful images for a dollar!  (And if you just went back to count the flashcards… Good for you!  You’re my kind of gal/guy!)
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