Feature Friday: Knock-Off Edition

In honor of Dollar Barn Easter week, I am featuring some other great knock-offs I have found around the web.  I found most of these projects through Homebody Holly’s PB knock-off party.  Check it out for more great knock-off projects!
As always, if you have been featured on Feature Friday, grab a brag button for your blog.  If you would like to submit a project for Feature Friday, email me at madincrafts AT hotmail DOT com.

This first project is from a familiar place.  Nikki from Nikki’s Nifty Knacks made this sweet knock-off of PB’s Mirrored Bowls. 
PB’s Price: $395 (plus S&H)
Nikki’s Nifty Knacks Cost: Approx. $12

Beneath My Heart has this frugal reproduction of a pricey Ballard Designs magnetic message board. 
Ballard Price: $39 each
Beneath My Heart’s Etsy Shop: $20
These gorgeous magnolia leaf chargers were knocked-off in a post at Making Lemonade.  I like the knock-off better than the PB version!
PB Price: $64.99 for  Set of 4
Making Lemonade Cost: Approx. $2.50 each
This project might a little out of my league, but I absolutely love Bibbidi Bobbidi Beautiful’s PB-inspired canvasses.  I am not sure how much it cost her to make the 3 wall hangings, but I would venture it was less than the triple digits PB was asking!
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