Favorites from Mad Skills Party #7

Since Blogger was so wonky over the weekend, I wasn’t able to feature my favorites from last week’s party on time.  There were tons of great ideas though, so I wanted to make sure they still got featured!

One of my favorites came from Lemon Tree Creations.  This lovely Spoon Flower Art piece would be so adorable in a kitchen or casual dining room!  I love the way you really have to get in close to see just it is made of!

Sarah from Stepping Through Crazy came up with this ingenious project.  It’s a faux lucite bracelet…. made from scrapbook paper and shower curtain rings!  I know!  Check it out here.

Last but not least, is this great Father’s Day project from Aly&Ash.  This would make a great and sentimental present for any dad or grandpa!
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