Favorites from Mad Skills #5

Here’s is the LOST-related-belated post of some of my favorite projects from last week’s party.  There were so many great submissions that I had a hard time narrowing these down.

First  is this great t-shirt refashion from Ponytails over at My Passion for Fashions.  With a few simple sewing steps, she turned a torn, but still so cute, tee into a fashionable belted top.  Nicely done!
And what’s a great top without some fabulous accessories?  This tutorial from Lemon Tree Creations shares the easy process of turning wooden craft beads into this great Express knock-off!
Bird Crafts submitted this post with some fantastic tips on decorating cut-out cookies.  From outlining the design with an icing tube to decorating the underside (aka the FLAT side) of the cookie; this post is a must read for you cookie lovers!
Can’t wait to see what you come up with this week!
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