Easy Bookshelf Facelift



I have been looking for a way to give my old particle board bookshelf a little pizzazz for a while.  I like the dark stain on the “wood,” so I didn’t want to paint the whole piece.  I have seen people glue wallpaper or just paint the backs of shelving units, but even those ideas seemed too permanent for me.


I was messing around with a tablet of scrapbook paper I picked up for $5.  I bought it because it was cheap AND because all the papers fit into the color scheme I wanted to use for my fall decorating.


bookshelf without scrapbook paper


I realized that with a few strategic folds, I could use that scrapbook paper to add color to my bookshelves.


Bonus points if you already noticed that I have our books organized by color.


bookshelf with scrapbook paper


The shelves on the bookcase are about 10 inches high, so I just folded two inches of paper under and shoved them against the back wall of the unit.


scrapbook paper bookshelf


Each shelf has its own set of prints but they all are in the same colors.  If I get sick of these prints, or change my color scheme for Christmas, I can just pull the papers right back out.  No harm done.


It took me all of 10 minutes to pull all the books down, put the papers in, and put everything back in place.  How’s that for a quick and easy facelift?

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