Dream Bedroom Lamps

The “right” light fixture can make a space not only by providing spot-on lighting, but by adding color, height, even pattern to a space.  I love revamping lamps.  In the past I have created a Camera Tripod Floor Lamp, a Monogrammed Table Lamp, and a Fall-Inspired Up Lamp.

The problem with thrifted lamps is that you have to take what you can get.  Finding lamps AND shades that go together takes time and a little bit of luck.  And if you are looking to add a specific color or a pattern into the mix, well, you have some work cut out for you.

lamp collage

If you want to take the guesswork out of choosing a great lamp, look no further than Lamps Plus.

made to order lamps in Pantone colors

The new Color + Plus™ colored glass lamps collection has dozens of lamp bases specifically matched to today’s color trends.  And, each color base has a variety of patterned shades that match perfectly!


If you want to be on the cutting edge of trends, you could get a lamp in Greens which is awfully close to Pantone’s predicted Color of the Year for 2013, Emerald!


Our master bedroom is likely to be the last room in The Mad House to be finished.  It seems like the room where I spend a third of my life should get more attention, but it never does.  This is what the room would look like if I had my way.  We have Ace Royal’s Silver Anniversary on the walls and a Springmaid apricot coverlet on the bed.  With the addition some colorful throws and Color + Plus lamps in Granite Peak with chevron shades and things would be a lot more stylish in there!

These lamps will cost you more than a thrifted or DIY’d lamp, but to create the exact look you want, in the perfect color and pattern you choose, might just be worth it!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective; the opinions expressed here are all my own.  Full disclosure HERE.

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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