Dollar Store Business Card Holder Makeover

dollar store business card holder makeover



I was so excited when I saw that Dollar Tree was carrying patterned contact paper that scooped up about 10 rolls of the the different varieties. Total, not each.  I am not THAT crazy.  As soon as I got home, I re-covered the top of our laptop in a dark color faux bois paper.  Then we featured this amazing laptop makeover on Décor Hacks, which is even more amazing!


Contact paper works on so many different surfaces.  Don’t relegate it to a life of lining kitchen drawers and bathroom shelves.  Get creative!


moo cards


I bought a shiny brass card holder for 49 cents a thrift store, but my cute little Moo cards deserved something better.  Before I headed down to the Michigan International Women’s Show last week, I gave the card holder a quick dollar store makeover.


biz card holder before

To makeover your business card holder, you will need:

business card holder (duh)

dollar store contact paper



cover with contact paper


I feel a little silly typing this “tutorial” out, but here goes:  Measure the width of your business card holder and add enough excess for overlap.  Cut out the contact paper, peel off the paper backing, and carefully smooth the contact paper onto the card holder.  Fold excess over onto the interior of the card holder.


Boom goes the dynamite.


finished business card holder


I had to putz a little around the slightly rounded corners of my card holder, but the whole process took me all of ten minutes to do.  I think the faux bois look is a little more current than the uber-shiny fake brass.  And if I get sick of it, I can peel it off, and there will be no harm done.


Have you ever covered anything “unconventional” with contact paper?

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