Dollar Store Anthropologie Knock-Off

So I attempted another Anthropologie necklace, and I think this one turned out better than the last.  When I found this necklace on the Anthro website, I giggled.  It’s so quirky and cute, but way out of my price range at $118.
To make a Dollar Store Spectacle Necklace, you will need:
dollar store reading glasses
wire cutter
glue gun
necklace chain
My dollar store didn’t have a great selection of reading glasses when I went the other day, but usually I can find a display of them right by the checkout.  After perusing them for a few minutes, I found a pair that had a shape I didn’t mind.  I would have like the frames to be a little bigger, but Dollar Tree shoppers can’t be choosers.
First you need to pop the lenses out of the frames.  I had a hard time getting them out, so I ended up cutting the frames.  This actually made getting the yarn on the frames easier too.
In retrospect, it would have been better to cut the frames closer to the bridge than to the stems.  Live and learn.  Remove the lenses and break off the stems.
To get the yarn on the frames to look like the inspiration piece, you are basically using a knitting cast on process.  Tie the end of your yarn onto the frame.  Then make a small loop of yarn with the end of the yarn leading back to the skein of yarn in front.  Slip that loop over the glasses frame.  Pull to tighten.
Like this:
Repeat until you have the frames totally covered.  Use a small drop of hot glue to close the frames back up where you snipped them.  Your frames should look something like this:
If I were to do this again, I would use less furry yarn and possibly thinner frames.  The original necklace looks more delicate, and I think the bulky yarn I used takes away from that.
Add the chain to the frame by either attaching it to the yarn or to the screw where the stems of the glasses were attached.
I think this would make a really cool Christmas gift if you wrapped it up in a cute eyeglass case!  Fashionistas and book worms alike would get a kick out of this quirky necklace.  And for a buck and change, you can hardly go wrong!


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