DIY Toy Story Costumes on a Budget

homemade Toy Story costumes square


I was originally going to make Hamm and Woody costumes for my kids LAST Halloween, but got a case of the New Mommy Lazies and went with a garage sale Buzz Lightyear costume for my son instead.  The upside was that I didn’t have to think too hard about how to make the kids’ costumes this year!  With a few dollar store materials and some thrifted pieces, I made cute, inexpensive Toy Story costumes!


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To make a Hamm costume, you will need:

pink sweatsuit (hoodie and pants)

dollar store plush pig

electrical tape

pipe cleaner


needle and thread

straight pins


poor piggie doesnt know whats coming


Dollar store stuffed animals are a great resource for costume pieces.  For one dollar, you can get ears, eyes, a tail, and a snout!


dollar store stuffed piggie for facial pieces


Cut the head off the piggie (sorry, piggie) and separate the ears, eyes and snout.  Leave extra material around each piece for pinning.


pin pieces to hoodie


Pin the facial pieces to the top of the pink hoodie, tucking the extra material under whenever possible.


In this picture you can see that at first I tried to use the stuffed animal’s eyes as part of the costume.  If I had left more material around them, I may have been able to do it.  However, the plastic backing for the eyes was really big which made the eyes bug out in weird directions, so I just scrapped them.


I tried to arrange the facial features to look as much like Hamm from Toy Story as I could.


piggie bank costume


Hand sew the stuffed animal pieces onto the hoodie and add eyes and brows cut from electrical tape.


use piggie leg and pipe cleaner for tail


To make the pig’s tail, cut one of the legs off of the plush pig and remove the stuffing.


sew leg to make thinner


Sew up one side of the leg to make the piece a bit thinner.  Use a turning tool (or in my case, a crochet hook) to turn the piece right side out.


turn and insert pipe cleaner


Cut a piece of pipe cleaner to fit inside the tail and hand sew the tail onto the heiney of the sweatpants.  The pipe cleaner allows you to give the tail a little bit of a corkscrew bend.


sew on tail add coin slot


Add a bit of electrical tape to the back of the hoodie to be Hamm’s coin slot!  It is so hard to get an eleven month old to cooperate for detail shots. Smile with tongue out


diy piggie bank costume from dollar store materials


The stuffed animal details and the tape can be easily removed, so she can wear the sweatshirt after Halloween… if it still fits!


homemade Woody costume


Cowboy costumes are very easy to pull together, and with just a few extra details, you can turn your son into Woody from Toy Story!


To make a Woody costume, you will need:


Plaid shirt

Red bandana

Brown shoes

Cow-print(ISH) fabric

White string or ribbon

Small embroidery hoop

Brown felt

Cowboy hat, sheriff star, and holster from Dollar Tree

Needle and thread


make cowboy spats from felt and snaps


If you can find the clothing items in your child’s closet or the thrift store, the accessories are very easy to DIY.  I was able to find a skirt at Goodwill that was close enough to cowhide print that I could turn it into the vest for the costume.


Instead of buying expensive cowboy boots, I made some spats to go over a pair of brown shoes we already owned.  Take a piece of brown felt and wrap it around your child’s leg to get a good fit.  The Snap and Hem snaps from Dollar Tree are adhesive, so just stick them in place and the spats can be snapped on and off.  I cut a vee in the front and back of the top of the felt to make them look more like real cowboy boots too.


As an added detail, I used a bit of brown felt and an extra toy badge to make a belt and belt buckle.


pull string


Up to this point, this was just a generic cowboy costume.  One little addition transforms it into a Woody costume… A PULLSTRING!


embroidery hoop pullstring


Simple tie a piece of string or ribbon to a small embroidery hoop and pin it to the inside of the vest.  Instant pullstring!




homemade Toy Story costumes


Woody and Hamm are all ready for a night of Trick or Treating… and mommy is ready eat, I mean, INSPECT everything they bring home.


Do you make your Halloween costumes or buy premade?

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