Chinese Ribbon Stick

I am guessing that you all know what special day is coming up this Sunday.  It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday, of course!!!  Happy birthday, Andrew (who has no idea this blog exists)!  I know, I know.  That probably wasn’t the holiday you were thinking of, since you all realize that this year February 14th is Chinese New Year.
To celebrate, I decided to make my son a Chinese ribbon stick, which is usually used for traditional Chinese ribbon dances.  Yes, it does end up looking a little like a fairy wand, but if you keep telling your husband that it’s actually a Chinese ribbon stick, maybe he will let your son play with it.
To make a Chinese Ribbon Stick, you will need:
dollar store ribbon (learned later unwired is better)
dollar store duster
First, you will slip the funnel-shaped thinger down the handle of the duster.
Next, slide the metal part inside the handle out the bottom, and pinch it with your pliers.  This should make it easier to slide the plastic handle off.  Save the duster for cleaning the blades of your ceiling fan.  Those suckers get dirrrrrrty.
Tie your ribbon onto the plastic handle.
Slip the funnel-shaped thinger (technical term) down the length of the ribbon and onto the handle.
Position the funnel-shaped thinger at the end of the handle and pull the ribbon to lock it in place.  Muscles here pulled so hard that this happened.
Whoops.  Duct tape to the rescue.
Plus, the duct tape butches it up a little, I think.  Right?  Anyone? 
The Boy loves his new toy.  Here he is demonstrating enthusiastic ribbon dance technique. 
Hmmmm, having flashbacks to “Old School.”
Then he treated us to a very special, very rare performance of an ancient technique thought to have been lost to the ages….
…the Amazing Dance of Ribbons and Dusters!
The form!  The grace!
The complete lack of self-consciousness. Oh, to be two again!
THIS JUST IN!  Apparently this Sunday is also some obscure holiday called Valentine’s Day.  Heh.  Whaddya know?
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    Whoa, I see you got some pliers there. This may be too technical for me to handle. Will have to raid the husband's tool box but I will attempt it. The boy's gonna love this. Although, I think I may want to keep an extra feather duster around too and get him trained early on working one of those around the house.

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