The Bandwagon

Trends can be cool.  Certain motifs and techniques become fads for a reason.  They appeal to the masses; they make people happy.  The trick is knowing where to draw the line.
A while back Crafterminds issued a challenge to create a project that incorporated as many current craft trends as possible.  The challenge was to lock any sense of restraint in the closet and let loose on the latest obsessions of the craft world.  Today, Crafterminds is hosting a link party for anyone who created a crazy trend project.  Or for anyone who is morbidly curious to see the results.
trends collage
1. Elegant wide stripes via The Nester
2. Subtle chevron via The Tile Shop
3. Minimal ombre via Anthropologie
4. Lovely yellow and grey via AriannaBelle
5. Tasteful “Keep Calm” via Etsy
I was able to cram five trends into my project:  1) A grey and yellow color scheme, 2) ombre, 3) chevron, 4) thick stripes, and 5) the ubiquitous “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan and all its variations.
crafterminds challenge5
Behold the Yell-ey-omb-ron-stripe!  Now with Keep Calm slogans!
It’s a hot mess, isn’t it?  I find it so interesting that the combination of too many trendy ideas, even those meant to make you feel happy and calm, has the polar opposite effect.  The cumulative effect of so many trends attacking your sensibilities is startling and unsettling.
I think there is a lesson to be learned here.  Trends are fun for a reason, but it is always wise to use them in moderation.  Not only are they going to eventually be outdated, too much trendiness can take a room from chic to trashy in a heartbeat.

If you want your own personal reminder to use trends judiciously, I have made this image into a printable.  Print some off and make them into pennant bunting or cut them into little mustaches you can hold on sticks in front of your face.

Or buck the urge to follow trends and create something completely unique.  Because there is nothing cooler than originality.
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