3 Scarves

Hands down, my most clever title yet.
I heart scarves.  They are comfy, warm, and they draw the attention up towards the face and away from the Halloween candy-induced belly bulge.
This year I made a few scarves for myself out of jersey fabric, mostly because I wanted to sew as little as possible. 

I found the instructions for the first scarf over at Dollar Store Crafts. I hand sewed mine and it fell apart after wearing it a few times. Sadness. If and when I get my sewing machine out of the basement, I will fix it and wear it and be happy.

This next scarf I found over at Pickles where she has tutorials for 3 different braided scarves.  Mine was supposed to look like the “Individual Braids” scarf.  Um, brown was a bad choice.  It kinda looks like I have dreadlocks coming out of my chest.  Maybe if I find a different way to tie the scarf, it won’t look so… rastafarian.
This scarf is my favorite.  I wear it ALL the time.  The tutorial for making it is found here, and it could not be simpler!  Make sure you check out her post about different ways to wear the scarf too!
Oh yeah.  Did I mention that I spent no more than $3 on any of these scarves?  I heart them.
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