$1.50 iPod Workout Armband

Heavens help me, I am joining a gym.  I finally got fed up with being tired, flabby, and weak and found a friend who will workout with me.  Hopefully she will be good at getting my heiney out from underneath my snuggie on a cold winter’s morning.
There is one thing I knew I would need if I am going to make this exercise thing stick: music.  Last summer, I had a passing whim to start walking everyday and made an iTunes playlist that is FAN. TAS. TIC.  But the playlist is as far as I got.  So now if  I am dragging myself to the gym, I am dragging my iPod with me.
I did a half-hearted search on the internet for iPod armbands, and, boy, are they expensive.  Twenty bucks and up for some elastic and velcro.  No, thanks.  I ran to the dollar store (How I missed you over the holidays, Dollar Tree!) and picked a few things to whip up an armband at home.
To make an iPod Workout Armband, you will need:
elastic wrist support
neoprene (or fabric) iPod sleeve
needle and thread
I found elastic wrist supports in the First Aid section of my Dollar Tree.  They come in packs of two.  They also carry knee supports, which may have been a better choice, since the final product is pretty tight on my “meaty” biceps.
Fold the wrist support in half.  Sew the finished ends together.  This step isn’t really neccessary since the elastic works just as well if it’s not doubled.
For some reason there was a key chain on this iPod sleeve.  Are there lots of people out there who are carrying their mp3 players hanging from their keys?  I digress.  Remove the key chain jump ring from the iPod sleeve, and save it for something else crafty.  It’s important obviously for you to pick a soft iPod sleeve because you will have to sew through it.  Neoprene material is good because it won’t absorb sweat.
Lay the elastic band on the iPod sleeve.  If it matters to you where the sewn edge falls, make those adjustments now. 
Flip the band around so that it is wrapped around the iPod sleeve.  I think this is the easiest way to sew it, and you don’t have to worry about pinning the elastic because it stays in place.
Sew the band to the iPod sleeve.  It’s kind of a pain in the keister to get the needle through the rubbery neoprene, but the plastic front of the sleeve makes it impossible to accidentally sew through the whole sleeve.
Yes, that is my pasty white Midwesterner-in-January skin.
There you go, your own iPod armband perfect for hitting the gym.   I think I might end up wearing mine on my forearm since the elastic is tight.  It actually makes it easier to change the volume or skip tracks if I have to. 
Since the whole band is just elastic, it will probably stretch and wear out after awhile.  But there was another wrist support in the package, so it would only cost me another $0.50 to fix it!
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  1. says

    Very nice make, now if I could only start working out.
    You got a snuggie? Lucky girl, you’d never be able to get me out of one of those. The ipod arm band would be perfect under there, unless the snuggie has pockets. I know all about that midwestern pastiness, we get that here in the west too.

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